Whitestown Pizza King is Temporarily Closed

We will reopen Mid-June. Please check back!!

We are family owned and operated, and our family or four resides in Whitestown, IN. 

We are a husband-and-wife team originally from Lafayette, IN. We like to say our pizza is as close to, if not the same as the Lafayette, IN-area Pizza Kings where Pizza King first started. We love meeting the local residents, as well as those traveling through. We hope to support our community, as they have supported us since we opened in 2014. 

If you come in, you might see me co-owner, Arren Miller at the oven front and center.My wife, co-owner Jessica Miller, works here part-time, right along side me making the pizzas or answering phones.  Don't be surprised if you see our two girls in our pizza shop as well talking with our guests as they come in. We love being in this community and appreciate all your support.